Week 3, Day 3

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Good Evening my lovelies

apparently this post wants to be all bolded.. and I don't know how to fix that.. *kicks computer* Oh well.. lets get down to business.

For Breakfast I had the super delicious Berry Cottage Crunch. Mmm do I ever love blueberries and banana. :D

Woah look.. not bold.. lol.. Lunch consisted of a Spinach ham wrap and a trail mix that I made myself with almonds, cashews, granola and Craisins. I am happy the way it turned out and everybody at the lunch table wanted some :D

For Dinner I had the Fiesta Taco Burger made with salsa. This is supposed to have black beans in it, probably for fiber but I didn't pick up any. It was delicious anyway :D I added mushrooms because I love them.
So I guess that is it. I go into the center tomorrow so we will see what's new. :D

Steps: 6844 (ugg, well I work tomorrow so it should be a high number :D Yes I do wear my Pedomiter all day)


Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I totally love mushrooms too! They are my BFF.

Melanie said...

i want the recipe for that fiesta taco burge thing!

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