Week 1, Day 3

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hey my beautiful people :D

So day three went pretty well. nothing unusual standing out. I woke up late today so was really tired. I need to start going to bed earlier. Welp, let me show you what I ate. Breakfast consisted of cottage Berry Crunch. It is actually very delicious.

I had to premake my lunch because I was at school for it. The menu called for salmon hummus lettuce wraps but the lettuce would not work with me so I changed it into just a regular wrap. I don't think I will ever use mayo again. Seriously the hummus was so good on this :D

Once again I needed to have an afternoon snack so the left over hummus and crackers were delicious around 3:00 when the tummy started grumbling and water wouldn't help.

Finally for dinner the menu called for steak, sweet potato chips and spinach. SO GOOD. I am loving this so far. Also had to resist adding ketchup to the steak.. and salt and butter to the potatoes and spinach.
So what I learned today: I am never eating regular potato again. I am so in love with Sweet potato :D.

Steps: 7231 (after I walked Colleen to the Terminal and back)

Hope you are all doing well. Also, if you are getting sick of your water try a little lemon juice in it. Helps with digestion and adds a little flavour to the water :D


Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Sweet potatoes are the greatest - I agree!!!

ABCSteed said...

yup! Connor loves them, so we've added them to our diet. If you really want a good potato, try new potaoes. they are picked when the plant above ground is still green, so they don't have the starchy taste.
Swedes eat them all the time, and they're great just boiled.

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